HKE Apple HealthKit para Ensemble

ClinicSite is an Enterprise web solution for quick implementation specifically designed for hospitals in collaboration with the Clínica Universidad de Navarra (, built on the powerful content management system Magnolia CMS and connected to the Health Information System (HIS) through the InterSystems Ensemble integration bus.

Corporate WEB: Marketing, Communication and Patient Information

The prospective clients of a hospital are continuously looking for information on diseases, treatments, drugs or specialists. ClinicSite attracts this traffic to the website of the hospital and, through an intuitive and attractive monograph page on each topic (landing page), it puts in value the services the organization provides for itself: departments and appointments of its professionals, their profiles and related treatments. Thus, the marketing department can divide messages up for target audiences integrating the web into their strategy.

The Department of Communication has a web channel where you are able to post press releases, news, video and other documentation, classifying it as automatically linked to other content and this way it appears on related diseases pages, departments or whatever.

ClinicSite takes care of all security matters, so the web forms application such as Contact Us and Request Appointment, already ready be used, are connected to a bus service which will send data to the information systems of the organization, leaving no trace thereof on the online platform.

Starting from the features already included in the solution, it is important to know that ClinicSite is absolutely extensible to the needs of each organization.

Intranet: Communication and information for staff

ClinicSite optionally includes an Intranet application addressed to the staff of the organization, and provides information such as: directory of personnel, document library or exchange forum.

For groups of selected users, includes a Business Intelligence dashboard to analyze aggregate data on trends in pathologies in written queries submitted by the users through the web or downloaded medical records in Patient Portal.


The Patient Portal application provides a set of tools to communicate with patients of the centre and gives them a quick, convenient and very secure access to your Electronic Health Record. The included modules are: Medical History, Calendar and Request for Appointments, Health journal and personal information. The solution provides strict guidelines on confidentiality, integrity and transport.

Thanks to the InterSystems Ensemble® technology, a splendid integration platform, the system can be connected to any data source, managing all these processes.

Text Analytics embedded

ClinicSite optionally includes a semantic engine for clinical text, Badakit Healthcare, which create standardized indexes relevant in the actual information on the contents of the different portals (Web, Intranet and Patient Portal), automatically relating them.