Personal Health Folder

This web portal is a solution for the patient; the portal was developed by CysNet Software, and provides access to personal medical history in a fast, intuitive and secure manner. From now on, all hospitals can deploy this innovative solution that also enables them to reduce costs on administrative management of the patient.

The package consists of a patient-oriented web portal and an intranet to manage the system, accessible only from the hospital network.

The portal facilitates health care operations, keeping a record of all the data, which under medical criteria is needed to provide real time information about the health of a patient.


Thanks to the InterSystems Ensemble® integration platform, the system can be connected to any data source, allowing the orchestration of all processes.

The solution design avoids duplication of information.


The solution includes strict guidelines on confidentiality, integrity and portability. For more information please request the technical specifications document.


Ask for a demonstration or proof of concept and we will contact you.

Flexible Access

The hospital can set patient access through user digital certificate or by the simpler method of user and password.

This is a panel that includes the latest findings, pending appointments, latest posts and latest hospital invoices (optional).

Browse history

A user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows patients navigating easily through their medical history.