Convert text of medical reports to data that will help you optimize the health management

Badakit Healthcare is a software solution that tag automatically and in real time the findings and existing illnesses in each medical report, combining them in a dashboard with typical structured data.

Identify and quantify findings and diseases that come to your clinic and department can properly plan resources. Badakit Healthcare will help you know to which dedicates its existing resources.

Tailor your services to the needs of patients

Badakit Healthcare allows you to link different diseases to study the evolution of medical records and thus adjust better the services that offers its center.

No changes in the way of work

Healthcare Badakit will automatically label the findings and diseases that write health professionals, it is not necessary to make changes in the way they work.

A very smart labeling

  • Integrates a spell checker
  • Detects concepts although his words are jumbled
  • Recognizes concepts regardless of gender
  • Understands synonyms
  • Adds new groups of concepts that usually appear together if

Acquisition options

  • Acquisition License
  • XaaS. Everything as a Service
  • Sponsored by pharmaceutical company



Ask for a demonstration or proof of concept and we will contact you.


Badakit Healthcare provides an intuitive dashboard to exploit all the information that quantifies clinical concepts in aggregate and allows you to use these data in the corporate BI. In addition, you can perform keyword searches, narrow time periods and detect relationships between diseases, among other features.

Snorkel in the information

Snorkel, dive tool of Badakit Healthcare, provides a nice interface to deepen relations and context of a concept or combination of concepts.

Rapid deployment

If your organization has electronic medical records or clinical reports in electronic format, you can use Badakit Healthcare!