Badakit Healthcare is natural language processing solution, built on InterSystems iKnow Semantic Technology in collaboration with University of Navarra.

This application allows you to process unstructured data, written in medical documents as a source of information for Business Intelligence cubes.

This web portal is a solution for the patient; the portal was developed by CysNet Software, and provides access to personal medical history in a fast, intuitive and secure manner. From now on, all hospitals can deploy this innovative solution that also enables them to reduce costs on administrative management of the patient.

The package consists of a patient-oriented web portal and an intranet to manage the system, accessible only from the hospital network.

The portal facilitates health care operations, keeping a record of all the data, which under medical criteria is needed to provide real time information about the health of a patient.

Colaboramos con Niños contra el Cáncer

Niños contra el cáncer es un proyecto de la Clínica Universidad de Navarra que nació en 1982 con el fin de encontrar una solución a los casos de cáncer en niños que aún no la tienen. Cualquier ayuda es inestimable y tiene un gran impacto en lo que hacemos.

Since 1999 we have developed web applications with prominent organizations and companies including: Uni- versity Clinic of Navarre, FAES FARMA Group, Costa del Sol Health Agency, Fomento San Sebastian, CAF Group and Tubacex, among others.

We have worked on the technological web trends at each time, from CMS systems, blog, e-commerce and e-learning to the current frameworks and modular CMS, social networking, semantic web, mobile APPs, HTML5 and interoperability.

Logo by John Stevens

To celebrate 15 years of CysNET Software in 2014, we have taken a turn in our image. We were looking for a handmade calligraphic brand and turn to John Stevens.

John has done a great job creating a unique, artistic and modern logo that transmits the dynamism of our team.

This video contains the magic of his excellent handmade calligraphy.